Vox Urbana is a seven -piece band that combines Latin-based sounds with stories and experiences that occur in the Arizona/Sonora border region. The bi-national band is based in Tucson, Arizona and has been creatively narrating stories of the border community since 2010.  The band’s original repertoire breaks any language barrier through its 100% danceable grooves. Vox Urbana’s instrumentation consists of guitar, keyboard, sax, trombone, bass guitar, congas, and drums.  As a collective composing body, Vox Urbana continuously aims to learn and expand its musical influences. Among the musical styles found in the band’s sound and identity is a meztizaje of ethnic sounds such as Huapango (Southern Mexico), Cumbia (Colombia), Chicha (Peru), Cha-cha-cha (Cuba), along with a variety of electronic textures such as synthesizers and voice effects. Such musical recipe guarantees a high-energy performance, as well as a culturally fruitful experience to younger and older audience in the U.S./Mexico region.

"What do you get when you fuse the danceable elements of cumbia - a centuries old African and Hispanic style of music - with the younger and faster-paced garage bravado of punk and the mysticism of psychedelic rock? The answer: Vox Urbana. Nearly two years down and they've taken that Southwest voice and established a cult following thanks in large part to the group's highly entertaining shows, a bevy of skillful instrumentation and shake-your-hips rhythms." 

- Flagstaff Live!


Jim Colby- sax & keyboard

Casey Hadland- drums

Jeff gubric- baritone sax

Saul Millan- trombone

David Perez- congas

Joaquin Zamudio- bass

Kiki Castellanos- guitar/vocals